Breaking International Law

The Internal markets Bill breaches an International Treaty and puts the Good Friday agreement in jeopardy. Many MPs and ministers interviewed recently seem unconcerned about the serious implications if this Government elects to break International Law. This is astonishing and worrying. This action would not only reduce trust in the UK and any of its negotiations for years to come, but would undermine respect for the Law by many citizens in the UK, at a time when compliance with the law is crucial to taking control of Covid-19. The bill could also pave the way for more conflict in northern Ireland as a hard border between the North and the South would need to be established.

The United Kingdom Internal Market Bill  has passed through its second stage in The  House of Commons recently, and the Committee stage is now being considered. In the light of a likely defeat associated with this particular issue in the Commons, the Government have made a deal with Conservative backbenchers to propose an amendment to the bill so that implementation of this particular legislation would require approval of Parliament.  The proposed law has been slammed by five former Prime Ministers and several government legal staff have resigned. Considerable opposition is expected when the bill goes to the Lords. The Loughborough and Charnwood Liberal Democrats oppose this legislation and call on all law abiding parliamentarians to oppose it. 

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