Open Letter to Rutland and Melton MP

Dear  Ms Kearns, MP

At each General Election, I relish the opportunity to express my view on who will represent me in Parliament. Irrespective of whether my vote is cast for the winning candidate, the person who accepts the honour of becoming my MP is duty bound to represent my interests together with those of all others in this constituency. This is the contract we must accept in a first past the post parliamentary system.

It follows then that the present Prime Minister is not accountable to me, but he is accountable to you. As such, your role in facilitating his leadership of our country is of material importance to me and all of your other constituents, for we have no other official mechanism by which to seek representation of our interests on this matter.

The “nonsense” of party gate is exactly that – it is nonsense that our Prime Minister encouraged and participated in drunken social gatherings in his office and residence throughout the duration of multiple lockdowns. Gatherings which he personally prohibited, with the force of the law and enforcement by the Police. That he demonstrably lied to both parliament and the public about these events and his role in them reveals the true nature of his character.

Members of your constituency, like everyone else in the country, have waited patiently for The Gray Report. After a last minute delay for a Police investigation, the prime minister has finally received a fixed penalty for breaching his own rules and we can see in black and white the report’s scathing criticism of his leadership. So what?

In a recent statement you have said that your position has not changed for several months; the prime minister does not hold your confidence. Indeed, how could anyone have confidence in such a man? Throughout the pandemic, he has bragged about his government’s “world beating” COVID response, but the outcomes speak for themselves, and did so at the time. Despite undertaking the most expensive test and trace system in the world, Britain experienced one of the highest excess death rates of developed countries and the worst economic contraction in Europe. At least in part because of his “oven ready Brexit Deal” which has reduced business investment and constrained immigration which would otherwise support our labour market, we have also missed out the opportunity for the post-pandemic economic rebound enjoyed in many other places.

Britain needs a new leader. As the global economy transitions into a period of inflation, people in the UK will suffer a disproportionate burden from rising cost of living because our buildings, homes and other infrastructure are unprepared for a world of higher energy prices. The prime minister’s initial response was to pretend it isn’t a problem but now his solution is to give-away £400 of our own money to every household. The timing of this announcement on the day after the latest major development in party gate cannot be coincidental. Boris Johnson, and all those who continue to serve alongside him in parliament, are playing a political game with my future and that of my children.

Ms Kearns, what can the people of Rutland and Melton do about this man? We look to you to represent our interests and make a stand. If you have submitted a letter of no-confidence, please tell us. If Boris Johnson remains the leader of your party, will you continue to be a member and be complicit in his self-serving neglect of the interests of the British people?

Yours sincerely,


Hamish McAuley

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