Our Children’s future and the Liberal Democrats - A Personal View by Jim Murcott

I am lucky because I and my family have been extremely fortunate to have been born in the twentieth century, to have been born in western Europe, and to have been able to enjoy the economic and other benefits of living in the European Union.

My hope, for most of my life, has been for Europe, North America and like-minded countries to work together for the benefit of the human race and to lead the world in maintaining liberal and democratic standards. The results have not been perfect, but there have been wonderful benefits during the last 40 years - no wars between EU states, increased security by co-operation and shared funding, huge improvements in living standards, free-movement of staff, Erasmus support for students, etc. Now, after the last minute and incomplete Brexit trade deal, it will need a huge effort by the British people to maintain the quality of life provided by our ancestors.

Millions of Europeans (along with many others across the world) died during two world wars and more millions suffered great hardship during the following years. Those of us who were born during the last century benefitted hugely from the magnificent sacrifices of our ancestors and the efforts of those who inspired and built the EU. Surely, we have a moral duty to pass those benefits onto future generations. They should not be frittered away by a selfish and/or incompetent group of politicians. They were elected to serve the people - not just themselves and their outdated beliefs.

We need to elect parliamentarians who have practical experience of managing or developing scientific research, construction, teaching, medical care, engineering, national health, businesses, economics, data science, technical education, finance, exporting and other essential skills. We need a Government Cabinet which is not dominated by incompetent journalists, traditionalists and career politicians who owe their positions to egoistical leaders. Government is much more than the manipulation of words and the wasteful use of taxpayers’ money.  It should not expect that it will be rescued by the General Public and the workers and managers of organisations which generate the wealth of the UK and provide the essential services. (Dealing with the effects of a major Trade Deal with only a few days notice of essential actions over Christmas and New Year, or completely re-organising schooling with 24 hours notice, or operating a complex business when necessary decisions have been delayed or reversed).

The residents of the UK are facing many challenges - such as care for an ageing population, education for those who have suffered this century, the possible break-up of the UK, the departure of skilled and essential immigrant and non-immigrant workers, the maintenance of a wonderful health service, etc. However, four massive challenges have to be overcome in order for the others to be dealt with. They are the Coronavirus Pandemic, Brexit & the Economy, Climate Change & Education.

In trying to tackle these challenges the UK electorate will soon see that they have been misled by the members of an incompetent and indecisive government who believe that they have been appointed so that they will be remembered for posterity. They are more likely to be despised because they followed false dogma and caused our country to become a laughingstock. Any Cabinet leading us at this time must include people who have real experience of making responsible and rational decisions. The government repeatedly say that they are “following the science”.  Yes, they are - but many weeks after they should have acted to save lives and jobs.

We can see the ongoing self-destruction of the Labour Party and the current destruction of the Conservative Party by Johnson ‘The Ditherer’. This destruction is already in progress according to a new poll which is the first detailed survey of the public’s perception of Johnson’s handling of the recently concluded Brexit talks and the COVID-19 pandemic. More than 22,000 people were surveyed in the Focaldata poll in December and results published by the Sunday Times. The poll found the ruling Conservatives would lose 81 seats, wiping out their 80-seat majority. The Scottish National Party was also predicted to win 57 of the 59 seats in Scotland. Installing Liberal Democrat MPs instead, would bring a responsible stabilising influence in any future government.

Our forebears protected us and cared for us during two World Wars and in the aftermath. We must do the same for our children and future generations. Liberal Democrats can provide the leadership which is lacking elsewhere.

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