Save the old Western Park Golf course - Sign the petition

The Old Western golf course Is under threat of development by Leicester City Council. The proposal includes housing, industrial units and traveller pitches. The old golf course is a fantastic green space of around 129 acres of grassland, ponds and even ancient trees and host to all sorts of wildlife including badgers, buzzards, lots of other birds and even great created newts.


It is well used by city and county residents for walking, cycling, jogging, dog walking, as well as footpaths through to local areas and for children to play. During the pandemic footfall has increased and this are has been a great asset for the local communities to use and enjoy the fresh air and wildlife on the edge of the city without having to drive out to the countryside.  Many of whom have said it has helped their mental well-being during the lockdown period to be able to get out into open green space.

We want to try and save this green space and protect it for all the communities to enjoy and generations to come. Please help us to do this by signing the petition and objecting at

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