I hope Loughborough voters have long memories!

I hope Loughborough voters have long memories!
A Message form Ian Sharpe, Loughborough Liberal Democrat Candidate December 2019 General Election:
On the 8th of November 2019 the notices for that year’s general election were issued, an election which resulted in the current Johnson government.
I stood in that election and took part in election hustings with the Tory candidate who went on to win. During those hustings the Tory candidate’s promise was “ I will be Loughborough’s representative in Westminster, not Westminster’s representative in Loughborough”, a clear promise to put the people before her own political advantage.
So how has the Government performed and how has our MP stood up for Loughborough?
These are some of the actions of the Johnson government:
  1. Introduced a "Go without to help out" policy to stop poor children receiving meal vouchers during school holidays.
  2. Ignored SAGE's recommendation for a two week "circuit breaker", resulting in at least a 1 month lockdown.
  3. Negotiated, with great fanfare, an international agreement, won a General Election on the strength it and after a few months decided to breach international law by reneging on the deal.
  4. Prevented a free trade deal with the EU, by putting the interests of the miniscule industry fishing industry ahead of the manufacturing and agriculture industries.
  5. Over ruled attempts to protect British food standards.
  6. Put the City of London at risk by not even trying to get an agreement with the EU.
  7. Appointed two unqualified candidates to vital public roles, because they are wives of Tory MPs.
  8. Appointed the son of a KGB officer, as well as his own brother, to the House of Lords.
  9. Allegedly awarded huge PPE contracts to shell companies owned by Tory associates, advisers and donors.
  10. Allowed a head Special Advisor (SPAD) to break planning and lock down laws, with impunity.
It is no wonder Boris's government is called a Chumocracy, where the rules only apply to the little people.
So how did our Tory MP live up to her promise, to put Loughborough before party loyalty? 
She supported Boris in every vote! Against meal vouchers for Loughborough needy children, against Loughborough farmers and against the interests of her constituents.
Loughborough Constituents deserve better.

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