Subversion of Ofcom Recruitment

Boris is at it again; trying to get Paul Dacre, a Tory right-wing dinosaur appointed as the chair of OfCom. But the Good Law project is picking up ther cudgels here, and they have a good record of winning: "'But that’s not stopping ministers, who are now shamelessly pushing to appoint Mr Dacre by adjusting the requirements of the role and re-running the recruitment process with a different interview panel. The ad for the role now includes an amended person specification, from which the requirement for the Chair to work “collegiately” has been removed.

Dacre is being allowed to reapply, even in the face of calls for him to be banned from doing so by a number of Conservative MPs.

It all beggars belief. And unsurprisingly, we think this brazen string-pulling is unlawful.

Lawyers acting for Good Law Project have today written to the Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, stating that this “second competition raises very serious concerns, in particular as to whether it has been held, and designed, in order to favour Mr Dacre’s candidacy”.

Although the Secretary of State is responsible for the appointment of Ofcom’s Chair, Ofcom should be independent of both the Government and the services it regulates. The appointment process must follow the rules of the Governance Code for Public Appointments: whoever is hired should be selected on merit, through an open and fair process."

Sign the petition to prevent Paul Dacre becoming the chair of Ofcom -- Don’t appoint Paul Dacre as chair of Ofcom - Good Law Project


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