The Tragedy of Ukraine

Our open letter on the illegal war and crimes against humanity in Ukraine

We are all very concerned with the appalling events in Ukraine. The destruction of homes, hospitals and infrastructure, the murder of children, men and women are all things we never dreamed would be seen again in Europe.

If you would like to donate to support the victims of Putin’s crimes, this article provides a lot of useful links.

There are some posters attached, which you can print off or put on your Social media, to show your support to Ukraine.

The humanitarian response to Putin’s atrocities is amazing. Sadly the UK Government’s response has been appalling, with a tiny handful of refugees being able to negotiate the barriers Priti Patel has erected. Ed Davey spoke powerfully on refugees at  PMQs, see his speech here.

Can you please write to your MP and demand the Government drastically overhaul their immigration processes, to allow these desperate people sanctuary in our country.

The contact details:






Edward Argar

 [email protected]


 020 7219 8140



Jane Hunt

 [email protected]


0207 219 8647



Alicia Kearns

 [email protected]


 020 7219 3000


If you wish to contact them via social media




Edward Argar



Jane Hunt



Alicia Kearns




Slava Ukraini and thank you for your  support for Ukraine.

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