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Brexit is making cost of living crisis worse, new study claims

EU withdrawal fuelling higher import costs and costing British workers nearly £500 a year, says Resolution Foundation

KTS writes from Derby
It’s hard to believe that half of the country didn’t believe this would happen - Vote Stay scaremongering?
The [slightly] greater half that didn’t really have a mortgage to worry about, or young children or student loans to pay off - so that’s ok then? … we will all be ‘British’ and tough it out [now that most over 50s who voted are sitting pretty mortgage-free - extra food costs due to record inflation? Nah, it’ll just mean one less holiday out of half a dozen taken each year].
Oh, and now the Tories are trying to get rid of EU Human Rights Laws so that they can literally do want they want by sending illegal immigrants to Rwanda [the modern equivalent of Botany Bay - except this time you don’t have to be a criminal - just someone looking for asylum and help for a better life and protection from harm].
So what else does Brexit offer? 🤔Apparently food banks are running out of food because people have less income to donate to the needy as people tighten their belts. So, what now? Self-perpetuating cycle of decline. Social immobility; and social unrest; strikes (already started) and a return to ‘them and us’ (the haves and have-nots)?
Each time I drive to work and see the long queue at the food bank, or the same man near to Ozzy Road church always wearing the same mid-blue skiing trousers - each time getting tattier and more shredded, obviously in need of a good haircut and shower too, I think of how deceitful the Vote Leave campaign was, and how super gullible half of the blinkered population became… and it just makes me feel sad. I can’t change it; I cant even move to live in the EU… they don’t really like us or want arrogant ‘Brits’… can’t say that I blame them either.
So, while the insidious comedy that is todays British politics plays out, please don’t forget that it’s it’s not just your future it’s everyone’s.

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